Wealthy Boss Moves! Bankhead hopes his music inspires change and creates generational wealth.

Meet Bankhead, a talented independent Carolina based artist with a great flow, crazy punchlines and captivating visuals. He's a lyrically gifted artist that should be in music lover's playlist and is definitely making a lot of noise in 2022. We sat down with him to find out more about the inspiration behind his drive, recent releases and plans for the future.

Bankhead is a Hip Hop artist that was born in Muskegon Michigan and later he moved to NC. About that transition Bank says, “I had a pit stop, before I got to North Carolina I spent about 10 years in San Diego. They really introduced me to West Coast rap. I know New York is the Mecca but West Coast rappers are something else. Being on the West Coast, being in Michigan as well as being in South, and North Carolina really just helped me soak in the culture of each coast. It really helped my sound.” He's tailored that sound and shaped himself into a true MC, but what's to be expected by an artist inspired by the late great DMX, Jay-Z and UGK. Bankhead's passion for music and the influence of his musical inspirations shine though in his music's lyrics and subject matter.

On his song ”Fortune” his verses speak about family and friends, both real and fake. About those experiences Bankhead states, “I’m a real big family guy, and I don’t have too many friends, like actual friends that know me. I keep my circle small but both play a vital role in my life. I need people in my life to tell me something ain’t good or if I’m out of line. I don’t like a “yes-man” per se. My father told me a long time ago, ``You are who you hang around, so I take that to heart before I get or give energy to anything or anyone.

Bankhead along with fellow rapper Kenny MacGuyver released an album late in 2021 entitled Presence of a Boss. They are already working on the next project, Royal Rumble with hits with many artists such as Madison Jay on “Big Step.” About how he and Kenny locked into their creative space, Bank reminisces, “Kenny is like my big brother I been knowing for like 12 years or so and we actually linked up through battle rap. He was the man before T Top. He was like that go to guy. He was the guy I was gunning for but we met outside of a battle, and I guess real recognize real. Now he is one of my closest friends and the Godfather to my son.”

On “10 for 10” Bank appears to be speaking directly to his competitors and claiming his spot as one of the best. When asked why he felt the need to relay that message and what sets him apart from others he says, “Yes “10 for 10” is something I thought I had to do to wake people up. Bring some competitiveness back to rap and if you look at that video closely, “he” knows who I was talking to. And I’m not going to stop. I’ma keep gunning at people's heads, lyrically of course, but I’m here, all my people in my inner circle have been telling me I got a gift so now this is basically me telling them I’m going 100% percent in with this! No more excuses!”

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When asked about his inspirations and his plans for the future as an artist, Bankhead proudly states, “My plans are to drop a collective album with Kenny MacGuyver, ‘Presence Of a Boss.’ I promise you there are no skip tracks on it. I pride myself on my music. Later on this year we are dropping another album called ‘Royal Rumble’ that is going to be a treat. I am finally collaborating with other artists to see who can go talk to talk with me on the track.

My aspirations are to keep getting better and to motivate somebody. It’s like 2Pac said, “I may not change the world, but I can guarantee you I will probably spark the mind that will.” I can’t wait to get on to change my family's lives, like if you play your cards right this rap game can change not just my future but my kids future and so on and so forth and that’s what I want, generational wealth!”

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