The Wilder Side of Alston Ave| Lyra Wilder reps Alston Ave in the visuals for "Otha Side" (Premiere)

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

If there was ever an artist that puts their city on their back and represents it to the fullest, that artist is Lyra Wilder. Originally from East Orange NJ, and now also representing Durham North Carolina, Lyra clearly makes it known that he’s from Alston Avenue in Durham. This is shown in his new video “Otha Side” with Lyra and all of his counterparts wearing Alston Ave t-shirts as the visuals scenery captures neighborhood landmarks.

Lyra’s witty wordplay can be found blazing the trail on the single which is produced by EP.

He raps “Ever since I was a young’n already had me a vision,” which is clearly to be unlike anyone else in the rap game. Lyra’s direct flow and conscious effort to invite you into his world is evident on the track but please do not make the mistake of thinking that shit is sweet just because Lyra raps. He makes it known that he will ride for his block and his kinfolk. Tap into the “Otha Side” visual here and enjoy the ride over on Lyra’s side of town.

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