Reezy Ricch is Certified and Getting it with his new project "Album Mode".

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Carolina based artist Reezy Ricch is not new to the game. He has released 4 projects and is currently on his 5th. Album Mode is the title of his latest release and he is sure to keep the game lit with this one. Not only does Reezy represent Johnston County, North Carolina aka "Joco" but on top of being a solo artist, he is also part of the group C.G.I. (Certified Getting It) and represents Record Label MSTHGHE (Most High Entertainment). He is one of the few honest and relatable artists that present what is called Reality Rap to the masses. With his brand of Hip Hop you can feel Reezy’s pain and hunger throughout his new project.

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Stand out songs on the album include the drill heavy “Unfamiliar,” the romantic laced “Apprehensive,” and the aggression filled “Are You Ready” & “King To A King.” Reezy also enlists the help of some of his musical counterparts and label mates for features throughout the project with the likes of Deezy Rich, Lee, RonSean, J-Bizz, Kid, Lil C' Corleone, Pretty Lek and Rohan Da Great. All of these additional artists bring a completely different flare musically on the album and help Reezy shine respectfully. Do yourself a favor and tap in to Reezy Richh’s Album Mode, and add some fire to your summer playlists.

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