Madison Jay, Wake County's finest! {Artist Spotlight}

Madison Jay aka Mr. County is not only one of the dopest artists to come out of North Carolina in recent years but he is also a blueprint for other artists to follow for business and dedication to the artform of rap. Representing Wake County, NC, Madison has consistently put his town on his back as he shows others how to maintain relevance in this game that is so over-saturated with artists. Through his consistency as an artist Madison has made himself a staple in the conversation of who’s hot coming out of the South.

“Consistency is key”

Being an artist from what Madison describes as a “mid major city” like Raleigh, NC an artist has to grind hard to be noticed and maximize every opportunity. Madison’s done that. Throughout his career Madison has consistently released good music paired with great marketing strategies and a constant effort to increase his brand awareness. He’s been featured in The Source, RESPECT Magazine, XXL’s freshman issue and other top publications. He’s also blessed freestyle sessions with notorious DJ’s like Kayslay and shared the stage with legends like Raekwon and Ghostface Killa. He’s even traveled to new markets to spread his music. Most recently making a pilgrimage to NYC, the Mecca of Hip Hop for a press run in November of 2021. During the press run Madison was featured on DJ Kayslay’s Streetsweeper Radio, Interviewed by DJ Thoro on Thisis50 and held a listening session for new fans and DJ’s in Brooklyn, all within the space of 2 days. Madison understands that taking his craft to the next level requires hard work and consistency. About that fact Madison says, ”Consistency has always been a BIG priority for me because it’s how you sustain longevity in the game. In any walk of life honestly. The more you stay consistent, the better your results will become.”

Madison has definitely been consistent in regards to making music but he’s equally passionate about repping where he’s from. It’s evident in his music, lingo and his apparel line #County. When asked why he rep’s #County so hard he says “I believe strength in numbers helps the movement grow further so I do everything I can to play my part and inspire other artists from the area.. I started my brand COUNTY! because of Wake County and other people who come from small towns and cities. It’s something to let them know we’re here and we’re not going anywhere!”

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Top 9 from the 9!

Madison’s is definitely one of Wake County's finest, which is ironically the title of his recent Album. Normally that may be a brazen claim but he’s earned it. We all know that an artist has to pull their inspiration from somewhere, usually from another artist that they respect or just from their neighborhood and upbringing in life. When it comes to this topic in reference to his new project and why he chose the moniker as an album title madison says, “I had a track called “Wake County’s Finest” on my last project DIASTEMA and when I was going through titles for the next project something about it just stood out. Wake County, NC is where I’m from and NOBODY puts on for the county more than Mr. County himself!”

He’s doing just that with this project. Wake County’s fines has received great reviews and there are high expectations for the lead single “Stay Down”, which features Swiffa (fka Swift), known for his hit single “Pull Up”. In regards to the collaboration Madison states “My partner Welsh Da God connected us through an acquaintance. We met in the studio and cooked everything up on the spot. I’ve been in tune with Swiffa (fka Swift) before his hit single “Pull Up” blew and it was an honor to connect with him and make such a vibe. I think this song has the potential to take both of us to new levels.”

There’s no doubt that Madison will make it to newer levels in 2022 as he plans on continuing to push “Wake County’s finest” and his most recent release “The Religion” an album with fellow Raleigh artist Rome Jeter. Madison plans on releasing visuals from that project as well as 3 new projects.. He’ll also be hitting the road in the spring depending on how everything pans out with COVID. He states “I'm really looking forward to keeping up that consistency we talked about earlier in 2022! This will be my biggest year thus far and I’ve had quite a few good years in the game.”

Madison Jay seems to have everything mapped out on a perfect course to stardom. Stay tuned in 2022 and witness his rise and enjoy his sounds. Lord knows he’s putting in the work so he deserves your attention!

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