Kaya Black's living out his dreams while creating chart topping singles!

Updated: Feb 25

Kaya Black continues his streak of successful releases with his latest single “Lonely No More,” a Reggae styled cover of Rob Thomas’ 2005 hit “Lonely No More.” Kaya sings the lyrics with a new feeling over a reggae riddim produced by Grammy award winning producer J-Vibe. The silky vocals and smooth riddim were then mixed down by the Grammy winning legendary mixing engineer, Errol Brown. The song was an instant favorite for Kaya's fans and it premiered at #46 on the iTunes chart, becoming Kaya’s highest charting release to date. Although the songs success is well appreciated Kaya finds ultimate joy in creating with his favorite musicians.

Kaya attributes the success of the song to the cohesiveness of the team made up of him, Errol Brown and J-Vibe. They all understood the assignment. Kaya knew that if they were to take on the job of covering a song like “Lonely No More,” it had to be done just right. Kaya says, “I felt like just sending sessions back and forth wouldn’t work. It needed to be perfect, the vibe needed to be right. I wanted it to feel special, So, I arranged for Errol, J-VIbe and I to all work in the studio at the same time. That’s the proper way to cover a big tune like this” Ironically, they ended up recording at the Soul Train studios in Nashville, TN. The same studio where Tyler Cain (who's also the guitarist on "Lonely No More" produced on Gramps Morgan's "Positive Vibrations". Kaya said "Everyone was giving me flack about recording in Nashville, but I knew the vibe that would be right. There's something magical about Nashville and we needed to bottle that magic for this tune. We needed that magic to make sure we nail it cause, like I said "Lonely No More" is a big big tune!"

He was right! “Lonely No More” is a BIG tune! The original version, released 17 years ago, was the first single from Matchbox Twenty’s front man Rob Thomas’ album Something to Be. The platinum certified single had huge charting success reaching #1 on billboard Adult Contemporary, Adult Top 40, and Dance Club Song charts. It also peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #9 on Billboard Top 40. The song was no stranger to the charts and this new version is continuing in that tradition by charting on the iTunes Reggae Singles chart.

Kaya is very happy with the success of the song, but he is even happier with the fact that he was able to create a song that represents a huge part of his growth as an artist over the years. Being the son of famous Reggae photographer Johhnie Black gave Kaya a front row seat to the world of Reggae. Bob Marley was a big part of Kaya’s life being that his father was one of Marley’s photographers and took some of the most iconic photos of the Reggae legend. Being that Bob and his music was such a prominent fixture in his life, Kaya began to have a certain reverence for the man who engineered and mixed a lot of Bob’s songs, Errol Brown. A cool fact; Kaya was even named after Bob Marley’s 1978 Album, Kaya. Reggae was home for Kaya, but as he grew older, he began to listen to new sounds, and one of his favorite groups was Matchbox Twenty. Kaya has credited Rob Thomas as one of his biggest inspirations. Later on in life while listening to High School friend Collie Buddz single “Close To You,” He also realized that J-Vibe produced many of his favorite singles and decided he wanted to work with him. At the time, he did not know it would be on “Lonely No More,” a track that would he his biggest success to date.

Although the songs having great success Kaya is more excited about the experience. He says, “Man working with Errol, and J-Vibe on a track that Rob personally recommended for a reggae cover was definitely a career highlight. “His approval is like a childhood and teenage dream come true and I’m just living out my dreams right now. The sales and the charts are cool too,” says Kaya.

Kaya is definitely living his dreams. Be sure to follow him to watch them turn into reality.

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