Jaywin talks The Missing Peace 4, charting success and being called toxic. {Interview}

Updated: Feb 22

Jaywin recently released his chart topping Ep The Missing Peace 4. TMP4 (for short) is the latest installment to Jaywin's 'r&b’ish" rap series, which he's dropped annually for the last 3 years. The 10 Racks artists has faithfully released a “Missing Peace” project on February 14th at 12:00 am, since 2019. The process has become like clockwork to him, but this year it was a little different. Once the project was available it immediately began charting on iTunes, peaking at #21 on the “R&B and Soul” Chart and #174 on the “All Genres Chart”. Jaywin’s no stranger to charting success or great sounding music but according to Jaywin this time was special. We sat down with him to talk about it.

Firstly, Congratulations on the release and success of TMP4. How does it feel to have your new project debut on the iTunes charts?

Its a great feeling having my first solo iTunes chart placement, especially for r&b. This is my first time ranking in that genre. I really have to thank my fans. They went hard for me and made sure they supported to the fullest. They made this victory possible for the team.

That’s definitely a great accomplishment. This is your first time appearing on the iTunes R&B soul charts, but I see you’ve been on multiple charts. Most recently for Fallin’ the collab with your brother Rohan da Great. Did charting feel any different this time around?

That’s one of my favorite accomplishments, It felt amazing charting with my brother and sharing that moment of getting a #1 together! But, this time charting was a little different because this was my first solo project that hit the iTunes chart and iTunes r&b at that.

Yeah that’s dope! Making it to #1 on the charts with your family and then doing it again solo, in an entirely different genre is crazy. Speaking of genre changes, what inspired the r&b’ish sound of TMP series? It’s a little different from your usual releases.

I felt like the missing peace series needed more of the r&b bop to the love songs I was making, so I stuck strictly to singing on a lot of the songs you hear on all the project. Plus I feel like I get in my feelings and connect to my listeners more when I’m pouring out my heart out on a track. So it was only right that this genre was home for the project.

You were definitely pouring out your heart on those tracks. The songs seemed very personal. Are they all based on your personal relationships?

A build up of past relationships. I also wanted to make this one more relatable for the guys with my point of view. Guess that's the reason they say i come off a little toxic on this one.

Wow! Have the ladies been calling you and the project toxic? I know you wanted to give a male perspective but it appears that females make a large percentage of your fan base. How are they feeling about the project?

Yes, I hear I'm “toxic” with laughter here and there from the ladies lol, but they still love the project. It’s still a vibe that you cant resist. Plus, if you listened to all three projects before you’ll understand and appreciate the change of route i took with part 4.


Ok, It’s great that the women can still relate to the music and appreciate you catering to the male perspective. I can hear the change in route your referring to. There’s a lot growth from the previous 3 projects. Not only content, but skill wise. Was the creative process any different this time around?

Yes it actually was I took a different approach and didn't rush this one. For once, i chose songs i had in my arsenal for years and the added a few new ones. I was able to complete the project in a month.

Looks like the new approach was very successful. So the album is a mixture of new and old songs? That’s amazing because they’re all so relatable and current. Just curious any favorites or songs fan’s should definitely check out?

I wouldn’t say the songs sere old, their just not new to me lol. And that’s one of my strengths. I try to make timeless music. So it still sounds new wether you hear it 10 years or a month after I make it. There’a no expiration date on my tunes.

But, my favorite track is the single Blessing. Fan’s should definitely check that one out and also Playin because its one of a kind. It’s hard to bring the type of vibe that me and Rohan Da Great brought on that track. We attacked it perfectly. I have yet to hear a hiphop/r&b dancehall collab sound like that!

Both of those tracks are dope! And you're right. You and Rohan definitely have great chemistry. Are either of those tracks you mentioned going to be singles? Can we expected any visuals for those?

Yeah, me and Rohan are unstoppable together and I think we get the picture now lol, so definitely look out for more collabs from us this year! And the visuals are on the way. We’ll be releasing quite a few. Blessing is the leading single, then I might have a follow up with Tough Luck or 1night. Depends on the fans reactions.

Definitely looking forward to those visuals and more work with Rohan da Great. Actually I’m genuinely excited to see what the future holds for you in general. Can you give us and idea of what’s next for Jaywin?

Just know i got more hits on the way and this year is full of surprises keep up!!

That was short and to the point lol. We can’t wait to hear the new hits and witness this year’s surprises. Thanks for chopping it up with us!

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Don’t want to miss those hits or the surprises.

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