Jaywin drops another hit! Jaywin & Donovan McCray - Gym & Money (Premiere)

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Jaywin is no stranger to great musical success. Today he delivers another hit with “Gym and Money.”

"Gym & Money” features Jaywin and Donovan McCray and it's the follow up to “Gimme the Loot,” which was the lead single from their collaborative EP “Best of Both Worlds.” "Gym & Money" is definitely something the ladies will love. It’s a song they can dance to and have a partying good time with as well as turn up in the club too. The song is made for “Twerking” and comes with lines that tell ladies to stunt on their baby daddies with their new bodies, work out in the mirror while they twerk and get their own bands. It also encourages men to spend a bag on a baddie. With lines like that it’s a high probability that the song may become an anthem for young, fun independent women.

Although it may seem like just a twerk song on the surface the intent is much deeper. “Gym & Money” was inspired by JayWin's passion for fitness, financial literacy, and beautiful women. Jaywin states “I wanted to promote a healthy and financially literate lifestyle to my female listeners while providing something they can dance to. We hope that women enjoy the song in general and we also hope it motivates them to embrace their entrepreneurial power, block out the pressures and expectations put on them by society and work towards a healthier and more financial freedom lifestyle for themselves while stunting on the men that undervalued them.”

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The ladies are definitely loving the song so far as a viral video for "Gym and Money" was recently released on Jaywin's YouTube channel. The video which includes a Kanye West-Esque “Work Out Plan” type intro that is very entertaining and has already amassed hundreds of comments from women all around the world. In the video beautiful women work out with and on top of each other while Jaywin and Donovan rap. Jaywin also show's of his physique for the ladies as well. It’s the perfect balance of music, comedy, and sexiness. It’s like Jaywin knows exactly what the ladies and fans, in general, want to see.

Jaywin also appears on "Fallin’, which is his most recent collaboration with Rohan da Great and DJ Ashani. The track made it to the # 1 spot on the iTunes Reggae Chart and has charted in over 65 countries on Apple Music. It was also the #15 song on the Urban Radio Independent song charts and has become a fan favorite. With these recent releases, we are really looking forward to Jaywin's upcoming project Missing Peace 4, the next installment of Jaywin’s annual Valentine’s Day project dedicated to the ladies of the world. Be sure to stay tapped into Jaywin for his upcoming project.

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