Itz Prof's "Last Road" Leads to Success on the Top 100 Urban Radio Chart.

John Vaughan better known as Itz Prof proudly hails from southwest Virginia. In the last 15-years, he has released over 10 mixtapes and 50 videos but there was a time when he just could not avoid the judicial system, or the drug scene. His tumultuous past has seen him survive two overdoses and multiple stints of incarceration. Since then Prof has released multiple new successful mixtapes and an album Better Late Than Never. Through it all Prof has stood fast, knowing that he has talent that the world needs to hear. His gift has allowed him to tour with Nipsey Hussle and work with industry greats like DJ Khaled. Since then Prof has continued to put out banger after banger.

His latest single “Last Road” (AssHole) is a fusion of Country, Trap, Hip Hop and R&B. The guitar driven track details the choices and sacrifices he has had to make, which have taken a real toll on his relationship at home. “Last Road,”. The song has touched many listeners who have been in similar situations. Many of which have posted the songs on their social media platforms tagging It'z Prof. "Last Road" has also been gaining a lot of traction on the radio and is currently the #6 Indie Song on Urban Radio, and #97 on the top 100 Mediabase Urban Radio Charts.

But Prof is no stranger to the charts. His previous single “Good Dope” also made it to the Top 100 on the Mediabase charts, but the Pandemic stalled his opportunity to tour. This time around, Prof says, “Nothing’s stopping me this time. We goin straight to the top!”


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Although Prof's been continuously hitting the charts and getting notoriety he's more concerned with the people. "To be honest those charts, they really don’t mean sh*t to me. Now I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be appreciated. And after all the work and all the years, I’ve put in; It’s nice to see my name sitting on top of Drake, Kanye, Adele, 50 Cent, DJ Khaled, ect ect It looks good on the self assessment…but really, what means the world to ME, is the meaning behind being on those charts, the listens. It’s crazy after all this time, the last two singles are literally playing all over the world. Everyday. To fresh new ears. And that my friend is a blessing. I’m definitely blessed. And best believer we ain’t stoppin at two. Three. Four. Seven. Let’s goooo!!"

Tap in, and take a ride down the “Long Road” and enjoy Prof’s world for a few minutes. We are sure that you’ll enjoy the journey.


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