Did T-Pain post incorrect information about music streaming payouts?

T-Pain recently tweeted a picture showing how many streams an artist would need to make $1 from some of the most popular music streaming platforms. Pain’s post set the internet on fire garnering over190k likes and 50k retweets, but was it accurate? We reached out to a record label to find out.

We used the record labels most recent royalty statement to find out how much streams it took them to make a $1 on each platform. We then put that info in a chart similar to T-Pain's. The chart on the left is the photo T-Pain posted and the chart on the right reflects the info given by the record label. Although T-Pain's numbers for Apple Music and Spotify are within a reasonable range, everything else is way off. According to the photo T -Pain shared an artist would need 10'x s the.amount of Youtube Music streams, 3x's the Amazon Streams, 2x's the Tidal and Deezer Streams and 2-3x's the streams for Pandora Radio and Pandora respectively to make the same amount of money as the record lablel.

Although T-Pain's numbers aren't spot on his overall message was accurate and well received. The music industry isn't what it used to be, The revenue no longer comes directly from music consumption. Today the artist's brand is what generates the income. Artists must learn to market themselves, build their brand and social media awareness to maximize their earning power in the areas that make the most money: shows, merchandising, features, sponsorship and guest appearances.

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